An Evergreen Treat

coushatta casino and resort

An Evergreen Treat

Coushatta Casino and Resort is a true gem of Mauritius. The country is located in the South Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea. It has a climate that is warm, humid and mild. The entire island is covered with palm trees and the native cuisine is the food of the Islands.

This lovely island boasts of the exotic races, exotic personalities and of course, the Races for slaves that are common for tourists who visit this beautiful Island. Also, one must not forget to check out the zoo, historic sites, coral reefs and even a number of places to stay. If you do not want to spend so much time on the ride around the island, you can check out some of the local activities at the wonderful Casino and Resort.

The Casino and Resort is one of the most loved and visited attractions of Mauritius. It is a truly historic place, a true place to stay and definitely, a must visit if you are planning to enjoy the pleasures of exotic races. Although this Caribbean island is very famous for its lively nightlife, the Casino and Resort is a place where you can relax after a crazy day on the races. It also boasts of two beautiful resorts: the Mirage and the Montserrat.

Some of the best parts of the Casino and Resort are its superb cuisine and the interesting history. You can choose from the traditional dishes like the Moors Pizza and the Seafood Basket, the selections from their authentic menu and of course, the foods of their well-known pastry chef. You will find some great restaurants from where you can enjoy a plethora of delicious dishes with Mediterranean ingredients.

The highlight of the island is the Circus that is very popular among tourists from all over the world. This is why you will find quite a number of visitors from all over the world.

The Casino and Resort is also a must visit place for lovers of world cuisines as they offer an opportunity to taste the finest food from different parts of the world. You can try the exotic foods from Spain, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, India, Africa and other exotic places.

However, the Grand Finale at the Casino is something that will keep you spellbound. It is a spectacle of traditional skills and modern nightlife that you cannot miss.